Secret Garden

I was on holiday in Sydney Australia when I discovered a beautiful garden planted on the edge of the harbour.

Black Eyed Susan Vine.

imageWatercolour painting of a black eyed Susan vine (Thunbergia) by Rosie Kerr. After a weekend of flooding rain, the sun came out. This inspired me to paint these beautiul flowers. They seem to be popular in very old domestic gardens. My great aunt had one that completely covered their backyard shed.

Passionfruit Leaves. Watercolour and Gold Leaf

IMG_0094My neighbour’s passionfruit vine tumbles over our fence. Today I decided to paint the leaves of this pretty plant.

In the Garden.

In the Garden is a watercolour painting with the subject of a small branch I found as I was weeding the garden . I was ready to throw it onto the compost heap but then noticed how pretty the leaves were and decided to paint it instead.



Summer Tree 1 and 2 watercolour painting


It is nearing the end of summer here. I have recently noticed some trees are changing from green to touches of yellow as Autumn approaches.


Summer Holiday Town. Watercolour painting.

Summer Holiday Town. Continuing my summer theme. This isolated coastal town offers a break from busy routines.

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Apples. Watercolour Painting by Rosie Kerr


I saw and old apple tree in a workshop yard in Tasmania and had to paint it. I have to admit that I have eaten a few apples from this tree.


Photo of which this painting was the subject


My Handmade Christmas Tree Card

I have just finished making my first Christmas card for 2015. Only 20 to go. This design is a watercolour painting with Japanese washi paper collage.

Christmas Tree Card Watercolour and Japanese Paper
Christmas Tree Card Watercolour and Japanese Paper